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I launched Be Present: The Diane Ray Show in August, 2018 to continue the conversations I was having at and bring some new people and ideas to the forefront. If you like talking about spirituality, metaphysics, world religions, philosophy, health and wellness, mediumship, physical and emotional healing, past lives/reincarnation, self-help, personal development, yoga or connecting to that powerful Source within we will be best friends! Tune in every Wednesday to the live show on at 1pmPT/3pmCT/4pmET or listen later on demand.

I love to interact with other seekers like myself, so I hope you leave a comment here or at You can also find me on Facebook Instagram at @dianeray66 or Twitter @Dianeray1. If you see an angel or get an intuitive hit on something I want to know about it.

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You can listen every Wednesday at 1pmPT/3pmCT/4pmET to the live show and call in at (816) 251-3555 with your questions or comments. I love to hear from listeners and interact on the air. If you miss the live show you can always download a replay for free by clicking below.

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Past Episodes

Animal Lessons With Danielle MacKinnon

Can your pet be your therapist? Gifted intuitive and animal communicator Danielle MacKinnon joins Diane Ray to share how we can develop a deeper, more positive relationship with the animals in our lives and become happier, healthier people in the process.

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Yes, You Can Heal With Diane Goldner

Discover the secret to transforming illness and creating a radiant life. Internationally known energy healer and medical intuitive Diane Goldner joins the show to share how to use subtle energy to heal any ailment, including cancer, heart disease, infertility, trauma,...

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How Writing Can Heal With Diana Raab, Ph.D.

Diana Raab believes everyone has a story, and learning to write about it can be transformative. You don’t have to consider yourself a writer to give it a try. Diane Ray talks with Raab about her book Writing for Bliss and how we can benefit from the healing power of...

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Release Your Passion and Purpose With Vincent Genna

Vincent Genna shares his intuitive and mediumship abilities to help people achieve their dreams and live with more passion and purpose. A trained psychotherapist as well as a spiritual healer, Vincent explains how to move past fear and learn to listen to our hearts....

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21st-Century Medicine Woman With Heather Dane

Health coach and author Heather Dane has helped thousands to heal naturally with lifestyle changes, better nutrition, and supplements. Combining ancient wisdom with cutting-edge technology, Heather shares ways to improve your health physically, spiritually, and...

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Courageous Aging With Dr. Ken Druck

Your best years are ahead of you! Give up the destructive biases that have to do with age and embrace getting older as a time of new beginnings—not endings. Dr. Ken Druck talks with Diane Ray about aging courageously.

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Energy-Clearing For Health and Home With Jean Haner

Have you ever walked into a room and realized it just didn’t feel right? The truth is that we’re all influenced far more than we realize by the invisible energy of the people and places around us. Jean Haner, author of Clear Home, Clear Heart, shares how to clear old...

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