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I launched Be Present: The Diane Ray Show in August, 2018 to continue the conversations I was having at and bring some new people and ideas to the forefront. If you like talking about spirituality, metaphysics, world religions, philosophy, health and wellness, mediumship, physical and emotional healing, past lives/reincarnation, self-help, personal development, yoga or connecting to that powerful Source within we will be best friends! Tune in every Wednesday to the live show on at 1pmPT/3pmCT/4pmET or listen later on demand.

I love to interact with other seekers like myself, so I hope you leave a comment here or at You can also find me on Facebook Instagram at @dianeray66 or Twitter @Dianeray1. If you see an angel or get an intuitive hit on something I want to know about it.

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You can listen every Wednesday at 1pmPT/3pmCT/4pmET to the live show and call in at (816) 251-3555 with your questions or comments. I love to hear from listeners and interact on the air. If you miss the live show you can always download a replay for free by clicking below.

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Past Episodes

Soul-Full Eating with Maureen Whitehouse

Discover a delicious path to higher consciousness with Maureen Whitehouse and Soul-Full Eating. Maureen explains how to choose foods that resonate with your soul and stimulate your body’s ability to rejuvenate and heal.

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Energy Healing with Emmanuel Dagher

Transform your life at the molecular level and learn how to heal the root causes of any physical, mental, or emotional blocks with Emmanuel Dagher. A transformation specialist and holistic healing facilitator for more than 15 years, Emmanuel explains his healing...

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Rumi-Tales of the Spirit

Kamla Kapur is an award-winning playwright who has been studying Rumi for 20 years. Kamla shares her new book Rumi: Tales of the Spirit with Diane and reveals how Rumi’s ancient wisdom can be applied to all aspects of modern life including relationships, business,...

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Kabbalah and Global Spirituality

Forty years ago, Karen Berg and her late husband Rav Berg opened the doors to The Kabbalah Center to make kabbalah understandable and available to everyone. Today there are locations in more than 40 cities around the world. A leading voice in spirituality, Karen has...

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Spirit Means Business with Alan Cohen

Is it possible to combine purpose and passion? Can you sell your product or business without selling your soul? Alan Cohen says yes! An expert business coach and teacher, Alan exposes the primary illusions that keep us from connecting spirituality and prosperity. In...

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Raise Your Vibration and Connect with Angels

Acclaimed spiritual teacher, psychic medium, and inspirational speaker Sunny Dawn Johnston shares how to communicate with the angelic realm for help and healing. We all have angels ready to assist us at any moment. All we have to do is invite their energy into our...

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