One of my dreams came true during a recent trip to Maui when I got a chance to meet spiritual teacher and author the legendary Ram Dass. Through my friend Alan Cohen I was able to spend some beautiful time in meditation and conversation with Ram Dass. I spent about an hour at his house in Haiku and he was gracious and open. I have read so many of his books so getting to speak with him and share some time was amazing.
We talked about what we were both working on and I was interested in the work he was doing on conscious dying. He was planning a workshop in Maui with some other speakers and was very passionate about it. One of his house guests was another incredible author Lama Surya Das who has written the book Awaken the Buddha Within. I asked Lama Surya Das if he thought Ram Dass would meditate with me. When the question was posed to him he said “sure”. I settled in, took a deep breath and let the quiet take over. Things became very clear and sharp, I could hear every bird in the trees outside, the wind blowing by the window, his cat Hanuman eating his food from the bowl in the kitchen. ( I love that he named his cat Hanuman) for the first time during the trip I was really “there now” and present. It was a beautiful feeling. We sat in meditation for about ten minutes and then chatted some more. I asked him how it felt to have influenced so many people and he kind of brushed it off. He said ” if you live in the past and the future you’ll suffer, I love this moment right now”. What a beautiful human being! It was a moment I will always remember. I hope he liked the vegan cherry pie I brought him. When things get crazy and I find myself worrying about the past or dreading the future I always remember his words and attitude. Much love to you Ram Dass! You touched my life that day.