From the moment I first went on the air on the WSHE Amateur Hour when I was 19 years old I have loved to communicate. Radio has a special intimacy that other mediums lack and it gave me an opportunity to create an image and persona that was much better ( I thought) than the one I currently inhabited. Fast forward many years later and I still love to communicate but I am doing it a little differently. Broadcasting online on  gives me access to a global audience which is pretty amazing. Communicating with people all over the world these past eight years has made me realize how similar and connected we really are. Now I am tackling a new form of communication by blogging which I hope will give me another level of connection. While my writing in the past has been limited to spot ads ( pick up your copy today! available now for a limited time!) I am trying something new and a different way to connect. So bear with me as I dip my toe into the water and crystallize my ideas. Some good things are on the way I promise!