Doreen in studio

In my line of work I get talk to some pretty amazing people. Some talk to dead people, some channel ascended masters and some talk to angels. Seriously! This is a normal day in my world. Doreen Virtue is one of those people who has a foot in a realm I would love to get a peek into. One of the most professional, positive, people I have come across Doreen takes her work seriously and is really committed to helping people. She believes that we all have a guardian angel that we can call on as well as a variety of angelic beings to help us in our lives every day. Like a celestial squad of therapists they can give comfort and guidance at a moments notice. Who doesn’t need a little help every now and then? Doreen brings a great energy to everything she does and you come away feeling a little bit better about yourself and whatever your circumstance ( even if your belief in angels is sketchy at best) During a recent broadcast of a live online event we had some web issues and Doreen handled everything like a pro rather than a diva. I love working with interesting people and helping them share their message and when they are as easy to work with as Doreen it makes the whole experience great. Here’s hoping some of that angelic mojo rubs off on me.