Is there really a shift happening in our collective consciousness? Tom Shadyac thinks there is. Tom is a big time Hollywood film director who has also written an interesting book called Life’s Operating Manual. If you don’t know Tom’s name you have definitely seen some of his movies like Ace Venture: Pet Detective, The Nutty Professor, Patch Adams, Bruce Almighty, just to name a few. I was interested in his story because he realized that he was consuming and taking more than he needed and decided to downsize. While most big time directors have a huge house in Beverly Hills and original art hanging from the walls, Tom relocated to a trailer park. Granted, the trailer park is in Malibu but it’s still downsizing. It just made me think about how much do we really need to be happy? Our consumerism and consumption is out of control and we worship at the feet of the rich and famous. Here’s someone who is starting a new conversation about some old problems. Tom touches on the economy, spirituality, education, and more in the book. For a first time author I think he did a great job. This was one of my better interviews! You can check it out at #hayhouseradio #interviews#tomshadyac#lifesoperationgmanual#consumerism


Bruce Almighty